Leaked Verizon Docs Reveal the VZ Edge Program

No contracts and earlier upgrades. These are among the leaked details of Verizon’s forthcoming Leaked Verizon Docs Reveal the VZ Edge Programprogram.

A Verizon training document that found its way to the blogosphere indicates that the nation’s largest cellular carrier may soon roll out an enhanced subscriber plan dubbed “VZ Edge.”

The plan is said to shorten the period customers have to wait between device upgrades.

The so-called “VZ Edge Strategy” details a no-contract payment plan that partitions a smartphone’s initial cost into monthly installments, but still lets customers upgrade to a newer model after half of their current device is paid off.
Assuming that the facts presented in the training guide are either accurate or legitimate, Verizon will formally unveil VZ Edge by August 25.

With T-Mobile having recently taken a similar approach to endearing itself to consumers, Verizon’s move also represent a divergence away from the traditional subscription model in an effort to keep sales and upgrades consistent and strong.