Leading Mobile Ad Network Touts New Talent

Leading Mobile Ad Network Touts New TalentMillennial Media may not be enjoying the media darling status it knew prior to going public a few years ago, but the leading independent mobile ad platform company is still a powerhouse in its industry.

And one of the reasons MM has remained so powerful is because of its penchant for putting the right people in the right positions to lead the firm.

Recently, MMW was privy to the news that Myles Presler has joined MM as Senior Vice President of Business Operations.

Presler comes to Millennial Media from McKinsey & Co.

Reporting to CEO and President Michael Barrett, Presler is now responsible for cross-functional projects and will work closely with senior leadership from each business unit to improve operational effectiveness, we’re told.

“Myles is a great addition to the Millennial Media team,” says Barrett. “In addition to having a strong handle on digital media based on his work at McKinsey, his work across a multitude of industries gives him a valuable and unique perspective around making businesses more efficient as they grow and scale. I had the pleasure of working with Myles when he was at McKinsey and am truly excited to bring him on board to help implement our ambitious strategy.”