Layar Augmented Reality Turns On Monetization

Layar Augmented Reality Turns On MonetizationLayar, the augmented reality app for iPhone and Android, has announced a plan to monetize its technology through a newly launched content store.

Users will be able to access the content store within the app to purchase and download additional layers of information to add to their “dual-world” experience.

Already launched for Android, the content store includes additional layers from four content partners, with many more planned for the near future.  iPhone users will have access “soon,” the company says.

The idea behind Layar’s new content store is to allow content providers to distribute “extra info to help app users better navigate the real world,” with a perfect example being “Mouse Reality” who’s made a $3.45 Disneyland layer that serves as a pocket and parent-friendly park guide with 2,700 points of interest, including shows, shops, dining options, rides and other attractions.

Consumers can opt to buy these third-party-created layers in-app via Paypal and add additional content along the way, such as nearby food and beverage details, event info and venue-specific attractions.

Developers and publishers who use the content store to sell their data overlays will take home 60% of the net proceeds from sales, creating a rather viable business model for Layar and augmented reality in general.  Now it’s just a matter of whether consumers will pay for such content.