Launch And Manage Mobile Marketing Campaigns From Your iPhone

Launch And Manage Mobile Marketing Campaigns From Your is a pretty straight forward SMS marketing provider that allows brands access to the normal variety of SMS-based campaigns.  To get a leg up on its competition, however, the company has launched an iPhone app to allow its users to launch and manage their campaigns directly from their mobile device.

While it’s not a big technological innovation, it’s a first in the world of on-demand creation and management of SMS campaigns without having to jump through hoops to accomplish.  The iPhone app is an extension of GOMOTEXT’s Campaign Manager v5.0, which is an MMA-compliant mobile marketing platform that can be used for launching Standard and Premium Rate mobile marketing campaigns.

The platform allows for things like SMS Voting, Contests, Text2Win, Sweepstakes, Text2Screen, Polls, Coupons, SMS Blasts, Ringtone/Wallpaper delivery and much more, all managed from anywhere using the sleek iPhone interface that’s available free of charge.

It would be interesting to see how campaigns are managed on the iPhone in scale, meaning those who are sending thousands and thousands of SMS compared with smaller campaigns that are only blasting out a few hundred.  The depth of the reporting via the app would be interesting to see as well.  Still, it’s a novelty release that will help the company standout from the rest, and will surely force others to follow suit.