Latin America's Tablet Market is on Fire

Latin America's Tablet Market is on FireAccording to the projections put forward in a new report from Pyramid Research, “things are looking bright” for the tablet market in Latin America.

Within four years, the analysts project, tablet sales in the region are expected to reach 37.7 million units, which will equal nearly 9% of the total global tablet market.

During 2013, 14.2 million tablets were sold in Latin America, accounting for 6% of global tablet sales. By 2018, Pyramid Research expects the number to reach 37.7 million units sold; nearly 9.3% of the market.

The tablet market landscape in every country in Latin America is shaped by local dynamics and initiatives. However, there are four major catalysts driving the adoption of tablets across the region.

“First,” the report summary reads, “the spending power of Latin America’s growing middle class has increased a great deal in recent years and is expected to continue to do so. More affordable local tablet brands and off-label Chinese tablets have become available, and many telcos and pay-TV providers are to carry out new video content, device subsidy and mobile data strategies. Finally, governments across the region are planning to implement further initiatives to put tablets in the hands of students.”