Latin Americans Want To Shop More on Mobile

Latin Americans Want To Shop More on MobileLatin Americans are lovers of mobile. Yet only a small segment of mobile device-owning Latin Americans have actually made a purchase via their mobile device.

According to a new report published Tuesday by eMarketer, only 4 in 10 mobile phone users in Latin America have managed to buy something on their mobile device.

According to research from SAP, Latin America lags behind the US, Asia-Pacific and EMEA in this regard.

Fully 58% of mobile phone users in the region said they hadn’t used their phone to make a purchase as of April 2013, but would like to do so in the future. A slightly smaller group said the same in EMEA, and 17% of respondents worldwide said they had not bought via mobile—but did not really care about it either.

So as more opportunities to shop via mobile enter the Latin American marketplace, mobile shopping should take off like a rocket.

And eMarketer’s newest projections reflect that general enthusiasm.

eMarketer now expects one-third of all internet users in Latin America will make a purchase this year via any digital channel. All told, that’s up 18.7% this year to 78.6 million people.