Lane Bryant Customers Love Mobile

Lane Bryant, the fashion retailer for plus-sized ladies, went from mobile newbie to mobile success within just a few months, the companies said today.

SmartReply, which powers Lane Bryant’s mobile campaigns, said that from July 2008 to October 2008, the clothing company grabbed 16,000 subscribers who signed up to receive mobile marketing texts, such as coupons. Because of the successful pilot test, Lane Bryant continues to use mobile campaigns to boost its reported $1 billion annual sales.

Customers were sent bi-monthly text message offers, after the initial double opt-in process, with a coupon code in the body of the text message ready for redemption at checkout, either in store or online depending on the message. These post opt-in incentives included a discount offer, either in the form of a dollar or percentage value.

Jay Dunn, Lane Bryant’s Vice President of Marketing, said its forays into mobile marketing “has helped us investigate a new way to effectively give our busy customers the power of choice in how she receives offers and communications from us.”