Landing Pages Still Playing a Vital Role In Online Marketing

Landing Pages Still Playing A Vital Role In Online MarketingOver the years a variety of strategies, tactics, and tools have come and gone in the world of online marketing. However, one tool that continues to garner a significant amount of success is the landing page.

Consistent with recent research performed by Ascend2, it was discovered that 6 out of 10 marketers (60%) around the globe now integrate landing pages with their email marketing campaigns.

Not only that, landing pages are still the most popular tool integrated into email marketing campaigns, with social media coming in second at 41%, and online and offline events at 37%. This does not mean that Internet marketers are not using a combination, just that landing pages continue to generate the kind of success they are looking for.

With the popularity of mobile web browsing comes the creation of mobile and responsive landing pages. Worldwide, nearly 2 out of 3 marketers now ensure that their landing pages are mobile responsive.

Many believe that the popularity of landing pages lies within the ability to generate backlinks, as well as their measurable analytics. As online marketing efforts continue to evolve, it seems as if landing pages have secured a solid place in the future of online marketing.