Lack of Workplace Confidence Uncovered in New Addison Group Report

Addison Group, a leading provider of professional staffing services, has just released the results of the organization’s fourth annual Workplace Survey.

The survey aims to better understand employee satisfaction with jobs, career goals and professional values.

This year’s survey focused on the alignment, or lack thereof, between leadership and staff level employees as well as the future of the workplace and the potential impact of emerging technologies.

“Each year, the Workplace Survey provides actionable insights into the minds of both job seekers and employees,” said Thomas Moran, CEO, Addison Group. “I’m particularly intrigued and excited by this year’s results, which help explain how communications directly impact staff perception of the direction of their company and the industry in which they work. This data provides recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals with the context to understand how today’s employees of all levels view trust and loyalty in their company and Corporate America as a whole.”

According to the provided report summary, major shifts in politics, the economy, technology and culture all contribute to an uncertain future.

The survey gauged how employees felt about the direction of Corporate America given these uncertainties. These numbers demonstrate a dichotomy in awareness of changes coming to the workplace, specifically, disruptive technology as well as varying levels of confidence in preparedness.

For the complete results, click here.