Labor Day Proving A Labor of Love For Mobile Marketers

On this glorious Labor Day weekend, not all of us will be enjoying a well-deserved three- day weekend.

The employees of retail businesses across the country are gearing up for a flurry of holiday sales that will be driven like never before by mobile marketing.

This Labor Day, retailers are doing whatever they possibly can to motivate shoppers, who are feeling squeezed by high food and gas prices. Yet, despite weak consumer spending, the National Retail Federation estimates that some categories, including electronics, will be stronger than last year. The reason? According to industry estimates, about 20 percent of families have saved a portion of their tax rebates for back-to-school purchases. This weekend they will buy computers and cellphones to help their kids get ready for the new academic year.

One of the biggest motivating factors to get out and shop – not to mention the incentives born of digital coupon distribution – is the aggressive Labor Day mobile marketing sales campaigns employed by an incomprehensible number of businesses large and small. So, if you haven’t already gotten a text or downloadable coupon, chances are you will this weekend.

There’s no way to tell just yet how influential mobile marketing will prove in the retail sector this year, but with more eyes than ever monitoring the success of this marketing medium, I have a strong feeling that we will be blown away by the data that will eventually be released about the success of mobile marketing campaigns during this holiday weekend.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, everybody!