L.A. News: Meet The Newest Social Network

Looking for a Hot Job Social Media Marketing is All the RageChe Shiva, internet business expert, marketing guru and owner of cheshiva.com, has just announced the official launch of ‘Divvee Social’ a unique and highly engaging social networking site that combines the multi-billion dollar mobile apps, products and service Industry, and the ability for users to “Rank & Share” mobile apps while rewarding every user and everyone they invite with points they can redeem for cash.

This highly interactive and user-friendly platform is not just a social network, it is a trusted online community where users can make friends, get involved in advertising and marketing, be the first to know when things happen, get first-hand information on worldwide mobile marketing, have fun, and get great rewards, this week’s announcement reads,

To join this community, users can get more info at getdivvee.info.

According to Wednesday’s announcement, over 250k members worldwide have already signed up as this new social platform prepares for one of the biggest launches of 2017.

With a mission to provide a one-stop shop for everything mobile, Che Shiva partnered with ‘Divvee’ to become an indispensable companion for everyone wishing to network and use their knowledge of the mobile apps industry.

“Divvee Social is a Social Membership Network that combines the power of social media, along with the revenues of the multi-billion-dollar mobile apps industry, the products and services industry, and the influence of individuals across the world,” says Che Shiva. “This powerful network provides true solutions and real value to empower and reward those who are focused on achieving their dreams.”