Kyte Debuts Niche Mobile CMS/Marketing Platform

The idea behind “Content Management Systems (CMS)” for the web was to cater to the need of community-based websites to easily add, edit and share content without the usual complexity.  With more and more content being optimized for mobile these days, along with the emphasis on social media and community-building, the need for mobile-based CMSs are becoming apparent.

A company called “Kyte” has filled this need with what they call an “end-to-end online and mobile solution” for distributing and monetizing digital content- primarily video.  It’s one of the first web-based CMSs to extend to mobile devices as well.

The all-inclusive dashboard includes video/content upload, management and monetization capabilities, as well as “multi-level content moderation” and in-depth analytics reporting and visualization.  In other words, it provides everything from content creation (including video/music, etc.) to analytics to mobile marketing in one central content management system.  The platform creates a community around the content, both web and mobile-based, by way of user-generated content, commenting and other social media tactics.

This shows how fast web-based content is making its way onto mobile-devices these days, and how mobile marketing methods have to be adjusted to compensate for the different types of media.  The days of purely text-based content on mobile phones are long gone, as are most of the ways that type of content was monetized.  Video, community-based content, etc. demand the need for new ways to manage and monetize that content across both traditional channels and mobile devices, and CMS offerings like the one from Kyte seem to cater to that need perfectly.