KRAVE Jerky Just Set the Standard for Location-Based Advertising with inMarket; Drives a 3.8x Increase in Key KPIs

Jerky is gaining popularity as a go-to snack among many consumer groups — making up a $2.8 billion category with growing sales, according to Nielsen. KRAVE jerky, acquired by the Hershey Company in 2015, has become a favorite of active, health-conscious consumers. The lean, protein-filled snack is not just an example of the perfect snack on the go, but its marketing team just set the standard for how to engage consumers at the most relevant moments in their purchase cycle.

KRAVE partnered with inMarket — the online to offline advertising company that connects brands with consumers at the moment of truth. inMarket’s groundbreaking ad platform connects the entire customer acquisition funnel for brands, creating engagement at the precise moments when shoppers are planning a store visit, entering a store and even when they’re holding a product in their hands.

inMarket does this through a proprietary first party platform, which aggregates and anonymizes location data from millions opted-in consumers. In today’s landscape, inMarket has become a consumer privacy standard-bearer for the advertising industry — encouraging a 100% opt-in structure when most publishers and ad networks rely only on opt-out.

Using inMarket’s full-service platform, KRAVE Jerky deployed a multifaceted online-to-offline ad solution that leveraged inMarket’s unique ability to reach shoppers throughout the entire purchase funnel. The program focused on cross-digital promotion at the awareness stage, and then drove product interaction and sales via mobile during the decision stage while the consumer was inside the store.

Through inMarket’s Preceptivity predictive cross-channel solution, KRAVE Jerky gained the ability to identify when shoppers were “due” for their next store visit and deploy creative across mobile and desktop at the perfect moments when individual shoppers were most receptive. Preceptivity drives huge ROI because it eliminates wasted impressions that occur after a store visit when a shopper is unreceptive.

With consumers warmed up through cross-digital awareness, inMarket then put its huge mobile audience and seven years of experience to work via Moments In-Store. These exclusive mobile ads are delivered to consumers at the exact moment they walk through the door of target retailers. Finally, the campaign delivered Moments In-Hand — high performing, decision-making mobile ad units —  to shoppers who were physically holding KRAVE Jerky. Custom creative reinforced USPs — driving sales without relying on discounts.

The KRAVE Jerky campaign focused on key KPIs including purchase intent lift, brand awareness lift and ad unit CTR. Post-exposure, 15.8% of surveyed shoppers said they were now aware of KRAVE Jerky, resulting in a 72% brand awareness lift. Most importantly, 26.80% of shoppers said they were planning to purchase KRAVE Jerky after being exposed to the ad — a 3.8x lift.

Today’s shopper marketing landscape can be a confusing mix of old-school media and flashy digital solutions. By working with inMarket — am 8-year-old company with a commitment to accuracy and privacy — KRAVE has established itself as a location marketing trendsetter.