“Kool” Mobile Products Growing in Popularity

verykool_mobile_phone_i170.jpgIt seems that InfoSonics Corporation is heading to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month in hopes of being the cool kid to crash the mobile phone party.

One of the foremost providers of wireless handsets in the US and Latin America, InfoSonics will introduce its 2008 “verykool” product line, which reportedly consists of three different advanced GSM technologies.

According to Joseph Ram, President and Chief Executive Officer of InfoSonics, “The enhanced line-up of our proprietary line of verykool products reflects our continued work with our carrier customers and distributors and is designed to meet the end-user needs by incorporating some new and unique features into main stream mobile phone devices.”

What we know for sure at the moment is that the soon-to-be revealed smorgasbord of devices will feature high speed connectivity to the carrier networks, high mega pixel cameras, e-mail access, touch screen displays, video players, PC Sync, and expansion memory slots.

InfoSonics’ trendy line of verykool phones and accessories covers a “full spectrum of product offerings,” not the least of which are both entry level and high end mobile phones. The upcoming presentation of 2008 verykool phones is expected to reveal compact, stylish handsets, available in a wide variety of colors and sporting the most in vogue features imperative to the youth segment, particularly MP3 and multimedia players.

According to published reports, InfoSonics is initially focused on pushing the verykool line of products to customers in Latin America, “with the potential for geographic expansion opportunities in the future.”

To check out the very cool verykool line-up, visit http://verykool.net.