Kooaba’s Visual Search iPhone Client- Free Via App Store

Kooaba has released a mobile visual search client for the iPhone as a free download from Apple’s App Store. We’ve mentioned Kooaba’s unique approach to visual search in the past, and with its introduction of an easy-to-use iPhone client, the service becomes even easier to use.Â

The iPhone client can be used for movie poster visual searching via the the “Kooaba Engine.” User’s can use the client to snap a photo of any movie-related poster or advertisement they come across, and the client will automatically return a menu related to that movie with options like trailer-viewing, ticket purchases, synopsis information, etc.

CD and DVD information will soon be available as well via the Kooaba client, as will other future additions as the technology evolves.

Some may argue that visual search entails extra un-needed steps to searching for simple information such as movie infor via posters, etc., but via an iPhone application, the background work is done for you- including removing the step of having to email the photo to Kooaba. Â In other countries, Kooaba allows images to be sent via MMS, but email is the only method available so far in the US. Â As CDs, DVDs, and other products and media are added to the Kooaba engine, the idea of mobile visual search will become much more appealing. Â It’s definitely a thing of the future, and the US is still just a little bit behind the times, but we’ll catch on sooner or later. Â