Kony Releases Second Annual Mobile Marketing and Commerce Study

On Wednesday, mobile platform provider Kony released its second annual Mobile Marketing and Commerce Study.

The study, which aims to provide insight into Fortune 500 companies’ evolving mobile strategies, shows that 40% of organizations believe developing applications across multiple operating systems and devices is the biggest challenge in their mobile strategy.

The survey also found that 89% of companies believe they can receive the funding necessary for their mobile strategy with little or no effort.

“As companies increasingly look to mobile to help them achieve strategic business goals, they are faced with very real challenges due to the fragmentation of the mobile industry,” says Kony CEO Raj Koneru. “With the rate at which the mobile landscape is evolving, it’s vital for these companies to choose a partner with capabilities across a multitude of devices and channels, including tablets, to ensure their offering reaches their full customer base.”

In a report from March 2011, Gartner predicted that nearly 70 million tablets would be sold worldwide in 2011. When considering how rapidly the tablet market is growing, along with the vast potential that the iPad and other tablets offer businesses, it’s surprising that the survey reveals only 25 percent of respondents have plans to deploy a tablet offering in the near future. On top of that, only 2 percent of respondents believe developing an offering for the iPad is a priority.

“The internal debate at many organizations is no longer about whether or not they need a mobile offering, but about the most effective way to develop and deploy one across all devices and operating systems,” Koneru added. “We address this problem head on, having built our platform from the ground up to develop, deploy and maintain offerings across numerous devices, operating systems and channels.”

To download the full report on Kony’s Second Annual Mobile Marketing and Commerce Study, click here.