Kochava ‘Perfects’ Closed-Loop Mobile Marketing

Mobile_Marketing_TagcloudAhead of the weekend, Kochava announced what it calls the industry’s first ‘Closed-Loop’ marketing platform where mobile advertisers can search and discover new mobile advertising vendors based on specific criteria through the Kochava Media Guide, and then go on to plan, execute, and measure their ad campaigns, all from within a single platform.

Kochava, if you’re not familiar, is a mobile attribution, analytics and optimization company.

The new Kochava Media Guide, we’re told, is an “exhaustive” database of over 50,000 digital and mobile advertising vendors worldwide.

Thanks to the guide’s availability, advertisers planning campaigns can discover new mobile ad vendors based on specific criteria or markets, evaluate their capabilities, and communicate directly with them – all within the Kochava platform.

Advertisers are able to leverage this research data and pre-campaign communication in the existing core interface of the Kochava measurement, tracking, and analytics suite. This is the first time Advertisers have been able to ‘Close the Loop’ on mobile marketing, empowering them to plan, execute, and measure their advertising campaigns, all within a single platform.

“The mobile ad landscape is incredibly broad and complex, with more than 50,000 vendors vying for advertiser’s attention; each of them making claims around their network reach and capabilities that make it very difficult for advertisers to sift through the noise and make an educated choice as they plan their campaigns,” said Charles Manning, Kochava’s CEO. “The Kochava Media Guide arms advertisers with real data on these ad vendors that is searchable, sortable, and exclusive, to help them make informed choices. But it doesn’t stop there. While information is power, being able to act on that information is just as important to advertisers, so Kochava has closed the loop for marketers, providing the capabilities to contact vendors, execute campaigns, and then measure their effectiveness, all from a single dashboard.”

To check out the media guide, click here.