Kochava Aids Networks with Holistic Fraud Abatement Tools

Kochava, a respected industry leader in holistic measurement solutions for connected devices, is now offering its fraud abatement toolset to ad networks.

Now the tools known as “Fraud Console,” will provide ad networks the same access that marketers currently enjoy for fighting mobile ad fraud.

“Marketers have been touting the benefits of the Kochava Fraud Console for the ability to rid fraudulent traffic from their ad campaigns,” according to a company statement emailed to MMW. “The fraud abatement suite has been saving them time and money, while ensuring that campaigns are clean of fraud, through the use of 11 different real-time reports.”

In sum, Fraud Console has changed the way business is done between marketers and networks. Formerly, because fraudulent activity could only be detected post-campaign, the only recourse marketers had was to negotiate make-goods with partner networks and hope for the best.

“Using these tools, marketers can now identify illegitimate traffic during a campaign flight and before paying for it,” notes Kochava.

Marketers are just beginning to explore the benefits of the Fraud Console, which includes a customizable Global Fraud Blacklist. The Blacklist excludes known fraudulent entities recognized by the Kochava algorithms that have surpassed a certain threshold.

The Fraud Console is a powerful suite that allows customers to exclude fraudulent activity during their campaigns.

“(Our) algorithms scan the breadth of Kochava accounts,” said Kochava CEO Charles Manning. “Our system records and passes billions of data points and recognizes when abnormal activity fits the definition for fraud and flags that data for review. This is where customers can take advantage of the learnings of other accounts across the ecosystem.”

“The Fraud Console creates a valuable, neutral transaction space for both marketers and networks. Everybody wants a fair playing ground,” Manning added.