Knowledge is Power with New In-App Analytics

Knowledge is Power with New In-App AnalyticsAhead of the weekend, MMW was briefed by the team at App Annie about the open beta launch of its newest free offering for app developers and publishers.

Meet “In-App Analytics.”

“Through an integration with Google, In-App Analytics allows users to view key usage metrics alongside data from five major app stores and 34 advertising platforms within one unified dashboard,” the company tells us. “The new additional usage data joins key performance metrics from existing App Annie products (Store and Ad Analytics), providing a holistic view into the health of an app portfolio and enabling time saving analysis and optimization.”

With the addition of In-App Analytics to its free product offering, App Annie cements its position as the industry standard for app intelligence, and a one-stop shop for app publishers or developers trying to understand their business.

Nick McIntosh, General Manager of Free Products at App Annie, says that the bulk of app analytics tools today “require an SDK integration, requiring time and resources to get a high-level perspective of how your app or apps are performing.”

But by aggregating the data publishers and developers have traditionally gathered from five or more different dashboards in one place, he adds, “we’re empowering them to spot success and problem areas quickly and make smarter, faster decisions on prioritization so they can spend more time on building their apps.”

To learn more, check out App Annie’s website here.