Kmart Making SMS Subscriber List a Higher Priority

Kmart is aggressively stepping up efforts to better connect with customers and renew brand loyalty in the process.

According to Derek Johnson of Tatango, Kmart’s use of more available channels to increase the retail giant’s SMS subscriber list is definitely a smart move.

Highlighting one of the company’s latest SMS marketing ideas,  Kmart has begun advertising its SMS campaign on the company’s website, encouraging customers to opt-in for exclusive text message alerts.

“After customers sign up for Kmart’s text message alerts on the website, they receive a text message from the vanity short code 414141 asking them to confirm their text message alert subscription (this is what we call a double opt-in),” Johnson explains. “Subscribers are asked to confirm they want to receive texts from Kmart by replying ‘Y’.”

“Collecting mobile numbers from your website and having subscribers confirm their participation in the SMS campaign is also really easy,” concludes Johnson, whose company recently unveiled a web opt-in feature that allows brands the ability to collect SMS subscribers directly from their website, blog, or Facebook page.

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