KISS Me, Say Mobile Phone Video Watchers: Short and Sweet Works Wonders

KISS Me, Say Mobile Phone Video Watchers Short and Sweet Works WondersWhen launching video for mobile phones, advertisers should keep the “KISS” formula in mind. Not the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” caution we’ve come to associate with politicos, but “Keep It Short, Sweet.”

That’s increasingly valuable advice as mobile continues to expand its share of mobile video traffic — and digital video views, too. In fact, a Q1 2015 analysis by Ooyala shows that in a year, mobile phones have grown their share of total digital video views by 126.7 percent, pushing mobile’s take up 95.2 percent YOY from 21 percent to 41 percent (tablets got a skinny 7 percent).

And here’s the thing: short-form content is the most popular type of video viewed on mobile phones.

“In Q1 2015, videos under 3 minutes accounted for nearly half of time spent watching video via such devices,” notes eMarketer. “In comparison, nearly 60 percent of time spent with tablet video was devoted to content longer than 10 minutes — more than any other device listed.”

That’s backed up May, 2015 polling by On Device Research for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). When global smartphone video viewers were polled about the frequency with which they watched short vs. long videos via such devices, 57 percent said they consumed content shorter than 5 minutes daily or several times per day. Only 35 percent could say the same for longer content.

There’s confirmation, too, that ads still fit in the mix.

“Smartphone video viewers may only spend a few minutes with each video, but they’re willing to sit through ads to access these if it means saving a few dollars,” explains eMarketer. “IAB found that 78 percent of respondents would rather watch free mobile videos with ads, versus 15 percent who would rather pay for a monthly mobile video subscription with no ads and 8 percent who would rather pay for each mobile video with no ads.”

So, word to the wise: pucker up and KISS, marketers.