Kirusa Demos New Video SMS Solution In Barcelona

Kirusa, a company known for its advanced voice-based SMS solutions, has partnered with Tetco-Voxpilot, a company known for its voice/video/data convergence, to debut a new video SMS solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday.

Building on the knowledge and technology that Kirusa has already been using in its Voice SMS solution, Tetco-Voxpilot provided the groundwork to finally make Video SMS a reality.  The Video SMS solution is a 3G service, based on the same principals as video calling, and allows for the sending and receiving of short, high-quality video messages to anyone with capable mobile devices.  Here’s how it works:

A mobile subscriber sends a Video SMS message, similar to how he sends a Voice SMS message- he dials the * (star) key followed by the mobile number of a recipient, and chooses to make a video call.  The camera then gets activated, allowing the subscriber to record a live video message.  After finishing the recording, the subscriber may drop the video call, or review and re-record the video SMS message.  The Video SMS message is then sent to the recipient as a simple SMS notification with an embedded “DirectListen” number, which when dialed to make a video call, takes the recipient directly to the Video SMS message he has received.  After viewing the message, the recipient can reply to or forward the Video SMS message.

By utilizing the 3G wireless network to accomplish the sending and receiving of video SMS messages, the device itself doesn’t need any special hardware or configurations to work.  A simple mobile application downloaded or installed on the device will make it capable of video-based SMS messaging, which should help spread the technology that much quicker.  

From a mobile marketing standpoint, it will only make SMS-based marketing that much more effective.  Simple text-based SMS messages have been key in many mobile campaigns, and adding video to the mix adds that much more value overall.  It should be interesting to see how quickly Video SMS catches on, if it does, and who will be the first to dominate the market.