Kiip Unveils Digital Wallet Solution For Mobile Rewards

On Tuesday, the innovative team at Kiip launched the new Kiip App known as “Kiipsake,” which is being touted as a consumer-facing digital wallet that enables users of mobile games and apps to store and redeem the rewards they earn from the Kiip rewards network to a single location.

In other words, this is a big convenience to Kiip fans. As of this writing, Kiip is giving out an average of 5 rewards a second and reaches over 40 million consumers in more than 100 million moments of achievement every month just in the U.S.

Before this app showed up, all users redeemed each reward one by one via email. The company says its new app also includes a catalog of all Kiip-enabled games and apps so consumers can be aware of the range of applications that offer rewards from Kiip’s partners.

“We created the Kiip App to ensure the best redemption experience for users redeeming Kiip rewards in our developer partners’ apps,” said Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO of Kiip. “Although rewards will continue to be redeemable via e-mail, we wanted to create something that will make the experience of storing, sharing, and redeeming rewards an absolute delight for consumers by providing them even more catered rewards and showing them other Kiip-enabled games and apps. Our goal is to be in as many types of apps as possible and highlight their ability to reward consumers.”

To learn more, check out Kiip’s official website.