Kickstarter-Backed Smartwatches to Launch Next Month

Kickstarter-Backed Smartwatches to Launch Next MonthFollowing Tuesday’s announcement from Nike that the new iPhone-compatible Nike+ FuelBand SE is launching next month, Meta Watch is making headlines today with a smart wearable device of its own.

Meta Watch debuted its smartwatch on crowd funding site Kickstarter last year, shipping out more than 1,700 devices to customers who pledged over $300,000.

Now, according to Dallas Morning News, the innovative Strata smartwatch is coming to Best Buy stores in the U.S. in early November.

Features advertised on the new smartwatch include:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology for 5-7 day battery life & seamless integration with iOS7.
  • Subtle vibrations notify users about incoming calls, emails, text messages, upcoming appointments, tasks, reminders, and more.
  • Personalized watch displays
  • Music controls
  • Widget technology provides simple, glanceable updates
  • New NFL Live Score widget lets users follow their favorite NFL team and get updated scores throughout the game.

“This wearable category has just exploded,” says Meta Watch CEO Bill Geiser, confirming that his company’s new smartwatch will land in Best Buy stores on November 3rd.

Auspiciously for this young company, the timing couldn’t be better to secure a major retail relationship with Best Buy.

Analysts at Credit Suisse predict that the wearable market may already be worth $5 billion today, which is nothing compared to the $50 billion its expected to be worth by 2018.