Key Ways Chief Experience Officers Can Elevate Brands

Key Ways Chief Experience Officers can Elevate BrandsA Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is an emerging role tasked with looking at the bigger picture for a company and brand. They are positioned to advocate for your audience to ensure a seamless experience throughout the customer’s journey.

Len Devanna is the President of Trepoint, recently shed light on what a Chief Experience Officer can do to elevate your customer journey and your brand).

Here’s what Len tells MMW:

  1. Unifying and aligning all departments around the customer journey

Building engaging experiences that guide your audience through their journey requires a high degree of cross-functional alignment and collaboration throughout departments. CXOs help each department understand their role in the broader customer experience.

  1. Enabling and activating the organization

Every company has quarterly or annual goals, usually monetary, but ask yourself if you’re measured in any way on customer satisfaction.

A Chief Experience Officer can serve as a change agent, flipping yesterdays behavior on its head in the interest of enterprise transformation. They can eliminate bottlenecks, streamline collaboration between internal and external audiences and enable the right engagement from the right part of the business at the right point in the journey.

  1. Inspiring a culture of listening

Smart brands listen to conversations beyond Facebook and Twitter channels. They listen for the needs of their audience, whether it be employees, investors, partners, prospects, or current customers.

Another transformative behavior that can uniquely fall on the Chief Experience Officer is their license to drive broad sweeping change across all facets of the organization.

  1. Building your next generation of marketers

If you delight your customers throughout their experience, they will serve as your best and most vocal advocates. The largest Marketing budget cannot duplicate the impact of happy customers who share their passion and affinity across their networks and in places of influence that you could simply never reach.