The Keli Network Launches AI-Powered Video Analysis Tool

The Keli Network, a leading media company that distributes video content on its vertically-focused social channels – including Gamology, Genius Club, Beauty Studio and OhMyGoal – has launched a video analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The tool, called Winston, is designed to increase engagement with the company’s video content. Winston breaks down a multitude of attributes for each video including metrics on audience viewership, audience retention and drop-off, shares, views, likes, comments, and benchmarking against prior videos created.

The tool provides a ranking of the video and offers suggestions on how and where improvements can be made. The bot combines these data points with a deep understanding of the algorithms populating social media feeds to help propel virality of content. Brands can utilize Winston’s capabilities when working in partnership with Keli to produce engaging, sharable videos for marketing purposes.

“AI tools like Winston are essential to our creators as they look for deeper insights and a better understanding of valuable content,” says Michael Philippe, Keli’s CEO and co-founder. “Winston’s judgments are fascinating, often quite unexpected but always of genuine value.”

To learn more about the technology at hand, click here.