Keep These Tips In Mind When Working With and Marketing to Clients

Keep These Tips In Mind When Working With Your ClientsWhen it comes to customer retention, you must of course provide quality products and services, but there are several other ways your actions and behavior can leave your customers looking elsewhere. If, for example, your marketing is sloppy or spammy (in the newspaper or on the mobile screen) you will send prospective customers scattering.

So what can you do to keep customers and clients happy?

Value Your Clients Time

Whether they have scheduled a meeting, sent you an email, or they have dropped in your brick and mortar store—it is essential to value your client’s time. Do this by responding quickly and without distraction, and listening to what they need.


As the saying goes, “over-promise, and under-deliver.” Always give yourself a bit of breathing room in the completion date of your projects—and set your goal to complete each project ahead of schedule. If there is going to be a delay, do not wait until the last minute to let your client know.

Resist The Urge To Be Too Sales Heavy

There is a balance between trying to boost sales, and insincerely pushing your product or service. Instead focus on building a relationship, and addressing your clients wants and needs—and the sales will follow.

The above tips courtesy of leading mobile payments company PayAnywhere are a great place to begin, and more tips are available in the original blog post.