Kaiser Permanente Rolls Out New Ads in Thrive Campaign

Kaiser Permanente Rolls Out New Ads in Thrive CampaignKaiser Permanente says that for them, health is not an industry, “it is a lifelong cause.”

To that end, the respected healthcare organization is making the effort to showcase to the world at large just how it is making a difference in the lives of its members.

The “cause” that KP speaks of is a reference to the pursuit of worthwhile objectives that  often require forging a new road, “one that improves upon the old, worn path followed by other health care organizations. It has meant going against the flow. But Kaiser Permanente’s difference also has a purpose — to support the total health of each of its more than 10 million members.”

These are the themes of Kaiser Permanente’s latest installment of its Thrive advertising campaign, which debuted this week across TV, radio, online, print and outdoor platforms in markets throughout the country.

In addition to advancing the ideal of total health, the ads tell the story of where the pioneering health care organization started, where it has been, and where it plans to go, KP contends.

“The new Thrive campaign illustrates our core beliefs as an organization and represents our goal of a long, healthy, thriving life for each of our members and for the communities we serve,” said Christine Paige, senior vice president of Marketing and Digital Services at Kaiser Permanente. “The ads focus on Kaiser Permanente’s 70 years of leadership in promoting total health, and reinforce our promise to be the trusted health partner for our members.”

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