Kahuna Looks to Challenge the ‘Marketing Automation Status Quo’

Kahuna Looks to Challenge the 'Marketing Automation Status Quo'There’s nothing better for any industry than that which shakes up a stale status quo.

To that end, Kahuna — a powerhouse name in communication automation in the modern mobile age — has just lifted the veil on the “significant evolution” of its technology platform.

The goal? To meet current and future demands of marketers.
The product, we’re told, brings Kahuna’s capabilities in personalized messaging for mobile to other channels, beginning with email.

Fueled by a new $45 million round in funding, Kahuna is poised to raise the bar for marketing automation by enabling marketers to engage their customers more authentically across multiple channels, at scale.

“It’s a big challenge — communicating effectively with people at scale — and Kahuna has been key to addressing it,” said Michael Rodriguez, Director of Product at The Weather Channel. “Companies must engage their customers across different channels and different devices, in a completely authentic and personalized way. To do that, they need a technology partner that can make sense of huge amounts of data, and has the intelligence to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and, yes, on the right device.”

The new innovations in the Kahuna platform, the company boasts, are driving personal communication at scale with several advancements, about which more details can be found here.