Kahuna and Segment Hook Up to Help Brands Quickly Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Kahuna and Segment Hook Up to Help Brands Quickly Personalize Marketing CampaignsKahuna and Segment have hooked up — and not on Tinder, my friends.

Segment is a major customer data hub that works with companies such as Nokia, Conde Nast, and Rdio, and which developed a single SDK for collecting customer interaction data. It also integrates third-party tools for analytics and marketing.

Word is that the partnership lets anyone who integrates with Segment to immediately start sending customer data to Kahuna, helping to speed up development of personalized marketing campaigns.

“It’s no secret that competition among apps is fierce, and mobile companies need to focus not only on just getting an app installed, but also becoming part of the user’s regular routine,” notes a release provided to MMW. “This partnership does just that by enabling Segment users to seamlessly integrate Kahuna into their mobile apps with the flip of a switch.”

Reportedly, this gives Segment clients near immediate access to Kahuna’s innovative engagement platform, proven to drive retention uplift across all key verticals. The entry key: Segment’s one-stop SDK.

“Ultimately, our goal is to allow marketers to delight their customers, and our partnership with Segment significantly reduces the barrier to entry for those already using the service,” said Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of Kahuna. “Not only will it be easier for marketers to access and utilize Kahuna’s solution, they will also have near immediate access to data — just click, load, and go.”

In addition, the integration allows marketers on the Segment business tier to leverage the customer interaction data they collect with Segment to immediately implement personalized campaigns with Kahuna,” according to Digital Journal. “Now marketers can run omnichannel campaigns using push notifications, email and advertising faster than ever before – within a matter of days with only one SDK that encapsulates Kahuna’s integration best practices.”