Just Who Is the Cross-Device User?

Just Who Is the Cross-Device UserMarketers are more and more focused on cross-device advertising. That’s due to the fact that users are working with multiple devices — and not all from the same provider. The profile of this consumer constitutes valuable information. Just who is this cross-device user?

Studying a new infographic from Drawbridge, an ad platform with a focus on cross-device marketing, one learns that a typical multi-device user has 2.5 devices. Of those users, 60 percent choose Android or iOS for both their phone and tablet.

Interestingly, Apple users are more loyal to Apple than Android users are to Android when it comes to selecting a second device. Drawbridge discovered that of iPhone owners who own a tablet, 78 percent own an iPad.  Android phone owners  choose Android tablets only 44 percent of the time.

Women are “more loyal” than men, when demographics are examined by gender. Drawbridge stats shows that 68 percent of multi-device females go with the iPhone/iPad combo, while just 23 percent of males go the all-Apple route. And here’s another nugget: males are almost twice as likely (43 percent) to go the all-Android route.

To see Drawbridge’s full infographic, click here.