Just How Quickly Do Mobile Gamers Lose Interest in Free Games?

Free mobile games are now so plentiful that it’s easier than ever for mobile gamers to lose interest in one game just as numerous others enter into the picture.

A new study from Playnomics is illustrating just how fickle many free mobile game addicts truly are. Based on the findings presented, the overwhelming majority of new players in the U.S. never go back to the game beyond the first day of play.

A follow up report from Game Industry showed that from July through September, roughly 85 percent of new players in the US “never went back to their games after the first day. And of those who joined in the first part of that stretch, 95 percent had become inactive by the end of September.”

The study also looked into play-and-pay patterns for social games, which yielded a handful of other insights. For example, Friday and Saturday are the two biggest days of the week for people to actually spend money on free-to-play games, even though those are the two days when people have the shortest average time spent playing the games. On the other hand, Monday and Tuesday see the least money spent, but boast the longest average play times of the week.

As far as one of the most interesting – if not offbeat – facts from the study, the firm found that in the US, players in Oregon were the “most engaged.”