Just Do It… With Mobile Marketing

Sportswear giant Nike is attempting to break out from the usual slew of mobile coupons and barcodes that have, until now, defined the extent of their mobile marketing efforts.

Now, Nike has embarked upon a new pan-European mobile marketing campaign that will enable consumers to “customize the color of a pair sneakers” based on photos they submit using a camera phone.

The Washington post is reporting this morning that this new service, dubbed Nike PhotoiD, is intended to rope in the growing market segment of people who want virtually every aspect of their lives customized, including their running shoes.

Although it will likely make its way to the states if it does well overseas, Nike fans across Europe for now can take pictures of brightly colored subjects – such as street graffiti or clothing – and then text a message to the service including the image taken. In response, they will get a picture of a shoe customized to the main two colors in the shot.

For a while I was trying to figure out exactly how this service could be profitable. Then I read that the footwear design can be saved, sent to a friend, or, most importantly, purchased as an actual pair of shoes. Â Interestingly enough, PhotoiD designs are mapped onto Nike’s classic 1985 Dunk high-top basketball sneakers.

According to a comment from Nike, this service is being promoted as a “watershed moment in mobile campaign activity.”