Jupiter Research Predicts Big Business For Mobile Ads, Marketing

logo_jupiterresearch_100x10.gifAn interesting study conducted by Jupiter Research suggests that mobile marketing can be greatly benefited by “targeting portable media players with Internet connectivity.”

Although we have long been aware that the wireless Web will generate exciting new opportunities for advertisers across a broad spectrum, Jupiter Research found that “people using mini browsers contribute the most maximum page views, while devices with full browsers have more impressions and click-through rates.”

Inspired by conservative estimates that mobile Internet usage will grow from 16 percent at the end of 2007 to 19 percent at the end of 2008, Jupiter Research sees little reason to doubt that mobile advertising and marketing will continue expanding and thriving in the coming years.

“Mobility is adding a time and space dimension to media and advertising that has the potential to drive up CPM’s significantly,” said Jupiter Research analyst Julie Ask. “We are finding ads with location tags are selling at five to tenfold premium over basic ads.”

To achieve the highest level of success, however, industry experts are quick to acknowledge that in order to capitalize on this obvious potential, mobile carriers should continue to “enable access with affordable portable media players and innovative business models” while being mindful to safeguard  their investment in the value chain by adding information layers to user profiles.

“Carriers should continue to enable consumers by rolling out more devices that look like portable media players at affordable prices – perhaps even as a second device – and continue to break down economic barriers of pricing and application restrictions to consumer adoption,” said Jupiter Research president David Schatsky.