Juniper: Tablet Shipments Set to Reach 253M in 2016

According to a new report out from Juniper, tablet shipments are set to skyrocket to a total of 253M units in 2016, up five fold from the 55.2 million units set to ship during 2011.

Juniper predicts that while mobile operators are just now beginning to offer up separate data plans for tablet devices, we’ll begin to see a shift where operators begin offering data plans that work across multiple devices.  So for example a user can have a smartphone and an iPad running off the same data plan and monthly bill.  This concept, among others, will attribute to the surge in tablet shipments over the next five years.

Most tablets today rely solely on a WiFi connections for data, but Juniper estimates that in the next five years, more than half of tablets shipped will also include cellular data.  In addition, emerging markets will also help push sales of tablets with cellular connection due to lack of fixed-line infrastructure.

Another unlikely driver is Microsoft and their tablet-friendly Windows 8 OS.  Juniper predict that Windows 8 combined with Microsoft Office could provide the push necessary for the enterprise market to begin adopting tablet devices in droves.  In fact, it’s predicted that a fifth of annual tablet shipments in 2016 will reach the enterprise space.