Juniper Says Smartphones and Automobiles to See Widespread Integration by 2016

There are smartphones and then there are smart cars. Seems like a natural fit to combine the two, right? Well, according to a new report from Juniper, that’s a reality we’re driving toward at a speed we should all buckle up for.

The integration of the smartphone into consumer vehicles will become all but standard on new models, finds Juniper Research, which forecasts that 92 million vehicles will feature technology to integrate the smartphone into the head-unit by 2016.

New protocols such as MirrorLink from the Connected Car Consortium will help automotive manufacturers like Mercedes and Toyota follow Ford in introducing technology which allows the smartphone to become hub, enabling mobile internet, smartphone app and content access across the range of vehicles that they sell.

“Integrating the smartphone into consumer cars represents a new route for the mobile Internet and infotainment to enter the vehicle,” says report author Anthony Cox.

However, there could be a few hitches along the way. The report, in fact, notes that the main inhibitor for this form of telematics will be limited growth in the automotive market over the next five years, particularly in developed regions.

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