Juniper: Mobile Ticketing Poised For Massive Growth, Thanks To NFC

Juniper - Mobile Ticketing Poised For Massive Growth, Thanks To NFCJuniper Research recently published a new study regarding the growing use of mobile ticketing, stating that some 15 billion mobile tickets will be in use by 2014.  Though it sounds like a huge number, it’s only the beginning of an industry that’s poised for significant growth, according to Juniper.

This year, just over 2 million mobile tickets have been delivered to subscriber’s mobile devices worldwide, with the Far East and China regions leading the trend.  By 2014, however, Western Europe is predicted to take the top spot, given its advancements and device integration in recent times.

Not surprising, the transportation sector is leading the pack in terms of mobile ticketing up-tick, with SMS, barcode and even “app-driven” services being offered more and more by rail, metro and airline companies.  As the report suggests, mobile ticketing will transition to many other industries outside transportation by 2014, with interest from major cinema chains, concert organizers and sports teams.

Many consumer sectors are beginning to realize the commercial viability in mobile ticketing, with cost savings and up-sell revenue potential being the primary drivers.  Users have always responded well to mobile ticketing, especially as new technologies evolve that will help bring the technology mainstream.

NFC, or “near-field-communication,” is set to take mobile ticketing to the next level.  Reducing the steps taken to receive and redeem mobile tickets will do wonders in advancing the technology.  Once device integration with NFC starts to permeate other regions of the world outside the Far East, device limitation hurdles will be easier to overcome.

“Although 15 billion sounds large, it is in fact a small percentage of total tickets issued; there is plenty of scope for innovative solutions to penetrate this market,” says report Author Howard Wilcox.  “Next steps will see more widespread purchasing on mobiles, as well as use of NFC tickets.  Currently, however, there are only limited examples of NFC ticketing usage outside of the Far East, owing to the lack of device availability.”