Juniper: Low Cost Smartphones Poised for Mobile Dominance

Juniper Low Cost Smartphones Poised for Mobile DominanceThe ultra-premium smartphone market will take a pronounced backseat to the mammoth emergence of the low-cost smartphone industry over the next five years, says a new report from Juniper.

The latest projections indicate that an ultra-low cost generation of smartphones will capture large volumes of the emerging markets.

Juniper forecasts almost 200 million in shipments by 2018, compared to just 10 million in 2014.

On a global scale, this means that the Ultra-Premium end of the smartphone market is set to diminish proportionally by volume over time, not due to a drop in sales but a faster level of growth at other price points.

The report, Smartphone Futures: Differentiation Strategies & Emerging Opportunities 2013-2018, asserts that this new generation of devices will permanently change the market, splitting the global market in two, with the developed high margin low volume markets on one side and low margin high volume markets on the other.

In addition to the full report, which is available now for purchase, the complimentary “Smartphones: Ultra-Premium to Ultra-Economy” whitepaper is also available to download from the Juniper website.