Juniper Finds Augmented Reality Apps Highly Popular, Profitable

There’s no fantasy behind augmented reality after all, at least not in terms of the revenue generated by AR apps.

A new report from Juniper Research shows that augmented reality capabilities within a brand’s apps and marketing materials are increasingly popular and profitable.

All told, AR applications will generate close to $300 million in revenues globally next year.

The report found that while the traditional pay-per-download payment model would continue to account for the largest share of revenues in the medium term, the scale of retailer engagement with AR suggested that adspend had upscaled dramatically in 2012 and was poised for further strong growth next year.

Juniper says in its research that many retailers now look at AR as a key means of increasing engagement with consumers.

To learn more about the report titled “Mobile Augmented Reality: Entertainment, LBS & Retail Strategies 2012-2017,” click here.