Jumptap Touts New Partnership Aimed at Boosting Mobile Consumer Privacy

Jumptap has jumped headfirst into a new partnership that will allow the leader in targeted mobile advertising to give mobile consumer privacy a boost.

On Tuesday, Jumptap announced a partnership with Evidon – a company that prides itself on “empowering consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online.:

The partnership is designed to support consumer notice and choice through the creation and implementation of the ‘AdChoices’ Icon in mobile web and app advertisements.

In short, Jumptap and Evidon have created the first mobile AdChoices Icon privacy solution to be deployed through Evidon. Through the partnership, Jumptap’s mobile ads will notify consumers when they are targeted with behavioral data.

Customers can then be directed to Jumptap’s Privacy Overview page where they can view more information about targeted mobile ads and have the ability to update their privacy settings.

“It all comes down to doing the right thing. The components of ‘Notice’ and ‘Choice’ allow us to bring innovative ad targeting features to market in a transparent way that leverage mobile and third party behavioral data at scale,” says Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer at Jumptap. “Jumptap provides choice via our opt-out capabilities. Our partnership with Evidon will ensure that notice is provided wherever we reach the consumer, on the mobile web and in apps, and that our privacy experience will continue to be best in class as capabilities evolve.”