JumpTap Sets Sights On Apple iPad To Ride The New Wave Of Mobile Advertising

JumpTap Sets Sights On Apple iPad To Ride The New Wave Of Mobile AdvertisingBefore the Apple iPad was even announced yesterday, JumpTap had already announced its intention to offer the “first integrated mobile advertising solution” for the device.  With the iPad set to be a game-changer in terms of mobile marketing and advertising potential, JumpTap wanted to be first in line to take full advantage.

Based on its already extensive network of brand and performance-based advertisers, publishers and app developers, the new ad-units tailored specifically for the iPad will allows advertisers to create ads that work across multiple devices regardless of form factor.  Similar to ad-units already available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, JumpTap’s platform makes large-screen-capable ad units that take full advantage of the iPad’s larger canvas.

The integrated solution works across all mobile devices to enable application developers to more widely distribute more content and services- encompassing any mobile device on the market, including the iPad.  Brand advertisers can utilize advanced targeting, including geo-targeting and location-based services like couponing, while advertisers also benefit from Jumptap’s existing network of application developers- whose applications will be among the first content and services on the iPad.

“While the Apple tablet has a larger screen than a phone, the tablet is still attached to consumers on-the-go who have different needs and behavior than PC users,” said Paran Johar, chief marketing officer at Jumptap. “Our mobile technology and business expertise allow us to reach tablet consumers with more relevant and more timely ads than PC-online ad networks.”

JumpTap places heavy emphasis on mobile apps, and is primed to take full advantage of the iPad and the future ecosystem of applications that will inevitably form- beyond those already available for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  “We expect the Apple tablet to be a catalyst for a new generation of innovative applications, and we play a key role in accelerating the adoption of such services,” continued Johar.  “By helping application developers connect to the consumers that are most likely to be interested in those services at their precise moment of intent, we are playing a key role in accelerating the development of the application publisher ecosystem that, over time, will expand across a wide diversity of devices beyond just Apple.”