Jumptap Says Maine is The Main State for Tablet Usage

The targeted mobile adverting gurus at Jumptap have published what amounts to a geography lesson in tablet usage.

On Wednesday, Jumptap released its MobileSTAT Report covering network data for the month of August. According to the data presented, Maine was the number one state in tablet usage in August, as measured by its tablet traffic relative to its overall mobile traffic.

The spike, clearly driven by affluent vacationers, plays to a larger trend: according to analyst firm Gartner, Inc., tablet sales are forecasted to reach 326.3 million units by 2015. With innovative products entering the market; new lower price points, such as the $199 Amazon Fire tablet; and emerging usage patterns on the Jumptap network; the Gartner number may prove to be low.

Jumptap found that the top ten states in August with the highest tablet traffic relative to overall mobile traffic include Wyoming, Hawaii, North Dakota, Arkansas, Connecticut, Virginia, New Hampshire, Minnesota and New Jersey.

The MobileSTAT Report showed that 56 percent of tablet traffic on the Jumptap network came from outside the U.S., compared to 28 percent of overall mobile traffic on the network that is non-U.S.

Another interesting discovery is that 91 percent of global tablet traffic was over Wi-Fi, which indicates these devices are not truly mobile.

At 75 percent market share, iOS clocked in as the most popular tablet operating system, followed by Android (20 percent) and WebOS (4 percent).

For more information or to check out the MobileSTAT report, click here.