Jumptap Publishes ‘Wave Two’ of Its Understanding Mobile Audience Research

On Thursday, Jumptap released its Wave Two in an ongoing proprietary research series called “Understanding Mobile Audience.”

So what can we ” better understand” based on that which is presented in the report?

According to Jumptap, which partnered with comScore for the report, tablet owners are almost as likely as PC and laptop owners to use their tablet device to make purchases.

Here’s what the numbers suggest:

Sixty three percent of tablet owners make purchases using their tablet device as opposed to the 83 percent of PC owners who do the same.

The research similarly shows that consumers under the age of 35 are most likely to use tablets for purchases. Seventy nine percent of young (18-34) tablet owners are making purchases with their device, compared to 50 percent of middle-aged (35-54) tablet owners and 43 percent of older (55+) tablet owners.

The study reveals the top three products and services that are bought using mobile devices are event tickets, daily deals from sites like Groupon and Living Social, and apparel.

One of the major reasons why more people aren’t using mobile for purchases? Security. Security is cited as a prominent reason some shoppers prefer to make in-store purchases or shop on a PC rather than a mobile device.

“As we continue to invest to understand how consumers use mobile, our Wave Two research is a clear indication of the quick tablet adoption rates and the device’s ease of use,” says Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer for Jumptap. “The drastic growth in tablets as a choice device for eCommerce is due to its larger form factor, which is more conducive to the keystroke-intensive behaviors of Internet purchasing and banking.”