Jumptap Publishes Smartphone Preference Hot Zones on US Map

The United States has never looked friendlier to smartphones.

Thanks to an interesting new mobile platform “heat map” from the folks at Jumptap, it’s easier than ever to see where certain smartphones are most popular in the United States.

Blue states, for example, denote where iOS enjoys dominance within the smartphone user population. Yellow, meanwhile, suggests leadership from Android. Grey speaks to BlackBerry dominance. And, finally, the checkered pattern denotes a neutral or split market among smartphone users.

As illustrated by the image on the left, the map shows that consumers in the South and Southwest “tend to be Android-biased compared to the rest of the country, while those in the Midwest and Northeast lean towards iOS.”

California, Texas and Florida over-index for Android use and states in New England and the Midwest over-index for iOS use. Blackberry use, which over-indexed in New York, was also included in the geographic data.

“Our advertisers are requesting the most granular data available on mobile users so they can create the most targeted campaigns,” says Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer for Jumptap. “This new data reveals some interesting patterns for advertisers to consider when targeting consumers using Android devices vs. iOS devices.”

This new data, Jumptap admits, clearly establishes an evolving narrative of a North vs. South divide in the ongoing battle of the two top mobile operating systems.

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