JumpTap Issued Patent Related To Sponsored Content

JumpTap Issued Patent Related To Sponsored ContentJumpTap announced today that they’ve been awarded yet another patent related to mobile advertising, or in this case, the “management of sponsored content based on usage history.”

The patent, no. 7,660,581 and the fourth JumpTap has received in the past eight months, is based on a “computer-implemented method for targeted distribution of sponsored content items of a first or second sponsor to a plurality of mobile communication facilities whose respective users have a common usage history characteristic statistically modeled as a profile associated with the respective users, wherein the profile is identified as a category, wherein advertising of the sponsored content item relates to the category.”

In other words, it’s a formula JumpTap has created to manage and distribute sponsored content based on various user-targeting methods.  Similar “groups” are given a profile based on usage history, and JumpTap can use the data to better serve highly relevant and targeted sponsored content.  It’s another in-depth approach of figuring out the best types of ads to serve users based on their historical usage patterns, and the patent joins roughly 70 others issued to JumpTap since its inception.

Focusing on sponsors in lieu of traditional advertisers, the newly patented technology allows JumpTap and its publishers to put their content up for bid, so-to-speak, to allow advertisers the opportunity to sponsor various content targeted to a certain user-group, based on profiles created for that user-group.

For example, a “category” could be created to accompany a certain group of mobile users.  Relevant advertisers can look at the content being distributed for that “category,” and decide to place a bid to become the sponsor of that content.  The technology falls in line with a growing interest in sponsorships in relation to mobile marketing and advertising, in lieu of a more traditional publisher/advertiser model.  With growing interest, JumpTap is positioning itself for a uptake in the practice, something the company has always done.

JumpTap has a history of thinking outside the box, and realizing emerging patterns before they become mainstream.  When it does, the company usually develops a system and has it patented and ready for market before competitors even realize the potential.  It’s served them well in the past, and will so again with the inclusion of this patent.