Jumptap February MobileSTAT Report Presents Tough Reality for Android and iOS Competitors

According to its freshly released February MobileSTAT report, Jumptap says Android and iPhone devices now “hog” 91% of the mobile operating system share.

In other words, if you’re competing with these two platforms… good luck.

Based on data from the Jumptap network of more than 95 million monthly users, both operating systems reached new heights in January; Android hit 58.8 percent and iOS reached 32.2 percent market share respectively.

Blackberry, Jumptap says, “sunk to a record low of 6.7 percent.” Not surprisingly, Jumptap predicts that Blackberry, Symbian and Windows have an uphill battle just to retain OS market share in 2012.

“With Google activating 850,000 mobile devices daily, it’s no surprise that Android has continued to outpace every other OS on the market,” says Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer, Jumptap. “What advertisers should take away from this data is the importance of advertising cross-platform. Both the Android and iOS operating systems continue to grow while the remaining competitors represent only a fraction of the market.”

To check out the complete findings of the new report, click here.