JumpTap – Advertising Meets Stalking, Ahem, Targeting

As advertisers, we want to know everything about who is going to be seeing our ads to make sure our ROI is as high as possible. JumpTap wants to give advertisers this power, launching its performance-based ads for cell phones that aim to compete with Google AdWords, according to Media Post.

The new tapMatch program lets marketers target ads on all sorts of criteria including content, location, demographics, wireless operator, publisher, and specific model of phone.

JumpTap watches user search queries, browsing history and location information, among other data, to create audience profiles for matching display and text ads to the right mobile consumers. Sounds a bit like stalking, and also like the future of the advertising industry. The more we know about our audience, the better off we are. Let’s just wait and see if we get any pushback from the consumer.

Greg Sterling, who runs themobile search practice for Opus Research, told MediaPost that tapMatch “has several more layers of targeting than AdWords,” including the ability to target other devices beyond the iPhone or Android phones. But he and other analysts suggest it will not pose a serious threat to the likes of Google or Yahoo.