Jumio Shows Off New ID Scan Image Capturing Tech

Jumio Shows Off New ID Scan Image Capturing TechOn Tuesday, MMW was given an advance look at what’s new from Jumio, an online and mobile credentials management company.

This week, the firm is formally announcing “enhanced features” to its proprietary ID card scanning service called Netverify.

If you’re not familiar, Netverify provides businesses utilizing mobile and online channels an “accurate and efficient” way to authenticate the identity credentials of their customers or prospects.

According to a statement released to the press this morning, new release features a brand new ID image capturing technology, which allows users to position their ID any which way within their camera view.

This enhanced template matching capability automatically detects the ID edges, rotates, and accurately crops it in the frame, regardless of the angle at which the user is holding the ID. This results in a higher scan acquisition rate and an overall superior customer experience.

To ensure that the person presenting the ID to their device camera is in fact the individual featured in the ID, Jumio’s Face Match technology compares the customer’s face with the photo on their ID and produces a likelihood-of-match score.

There’s a lot more to the offering, but you get the picture — literally.

“Continued instances of fraudulent transactions, hacks, and breaches have created the need for better ways to authenticate consumers,” says Jumio CEO Daniel Mattes. “Our mission is twofold: to create a transaction environment that minimizes the likelihood of identity fraud and to improve the consumer experience while doing so.”