JUICE Mobile Launches Mobile Ad Campaign for OLG

juiceMMW learned ahead of the weekend that JUICE Mobile just announced a fresh mobile ad campaign for Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) that employs Vertical Video, targeting tech-savvy adults on their mobile, in the way they naturally use their devices.

Vertical Video is content which is filmed and presented with the aspects rotated vertically– portrait rather than landscape, a provided statement explains.

Many brands and marketers are simply not keeping up with the times. JUICE’s basic question is: If 98% of users consume content in portrait mode then why are we still producing landscape video for a portrait device? Length of video has also shifted. Short form is the new norm and advertisers need to deliver content that is suitable for that bite-sized, instant- impact experience.

According to Neil Sweeney, CEO JUICE Mobile, “This is how we consume content, so why would we not get ahead of the game and deliver it in a compelling and enjoyable format? Vertical is the mobile-native video format. The audience is there – and JUICE produces content in the format that they want. We are thrilled to work with clients like PHD and OLG – they get it and know this is the space to reach their consumers effectively”.

The mobile audience is growing the fastest – from both a reach and time spent perspective. By the end of 2016 over 50 percent of all video views will be on mobile. Snapchat reportedly has confirmed that 6 billion videos are viewed on their application each day, vertically, triple the number posted in early May. In terms of vertical video, they report that users are nine times more likely to view a video in its entirety, compared to horizontal content.

Adriana Spatzner, Director, Product Development & Marketing – Horse Racing, said, “We were looking to reach new markets and demographics with the new horse racing campaign. The vertical video approach recommended by JUICE excited us. They’ve helped support our campaign to reach a whole new demographic in a short, relevant format. We’re very pleased.”