JiWire Pledges to ‘Raises the Bar’ in Mobile Advertising

JiWire Pledges to 'Raises the Bar' in Mobile AdvertisingMMW has been briefed on JiWire’s new partnership with Datalogix, the big data company connecting digital advertising to offline sales.

JiWire, a location-powered mobile advertising and data platform, says the partnership enables them to offer advertisers mobile audience solutions through anonymized data on how consumers go about their daily lives.

This effectively combats with the new partners call “two of the most powerful signals for audience” – where consumers spend both their time and their money in the physical world.

JiWire’s new mobile audience offerings enable advertisers to target more precisely based on location and purchase data. For example, advertisers can reach an audience like “healthy lifestyle moms” through location data such as presence in health clubs, parks and healthy restaurants. Integrating Datalogix’s purchase data further enhances this audience to “healthy lifestyle moms who buy organic and/or brand X.”

“This partnership offers brands a solution that will increase the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns by marrying offline spending data with JiWire’s robust mobile location data and measurement solutions,” says Michael Cohen, SVP of Strategy & Analysis at DigitasLBi. “This type of audience intelligence offers brands new opportunities to engage consumers on a deeper one-to-one level throughout their path to purchase.”